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Mexico City: Tales of an Aztec emperor, a Spanish conquistador and a flying serpent

Story and photos by Bob Schulman           

Next time you're on a jet landing at Mexico City, try to imagine what happened here five centuries ago when Hernan Cortes

The legend Of Mexico's 'City of the Angels"

Story and images by Bob Schulman

A long time ago, before the Spanish conquest, the lush uninhabited valley of Cuetlaxcoapan blossomed in the shadow of a volcano in what's now southeast Mexico.

Baja California: Tales of Hernan Cortes, Queen Calafia and Our Lady of Loreto

Story and photos by Bob Schulman

“Know, that on the right hand of the Indies there is an island called California...

Remembering a Beautiful Angel

Author – Photo Journalist Mary J. Andrade launches Day of the Dead books in e-Book format

Rosita gets lucky in Puerto Vallarta

Story and images by Bob Schulman

In 1948, entrepreneur Salvador Gonzalez built a 12-room hotel in what was then the tiny Mexican beach town of Puerto Vallarta.

  • Day of the Dead in Mexico
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