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La Muerte Borracha


En los Altos de Jalisco

crece frondoso el agave;

por ser azul es muy dulce

con un aroma muy suave.

La Huesos que bebe mucho

Woman with a Somber Gaze

Woman with a somber gaze,

Tell me, what do you see in the candles?

are they ghosts in the night

or are they flowers of the earth?

A style of tomb


The subject transforms into a work of art.
Coffee colored earth Is the faith.
And one little Mayan house so that the immobile body is shed.

Huastecan Woman

Everything transcend through candle, in bread, in flower, in hands...
The land grows green, they are vital memories;
the Huastecan wilderness: immortal women

A Song for Mother

A Song for Mother

  • Altar de Selene
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