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Vigil in the Cemetery of the city of Puebla

The vigil in the cemetery of the city of Puebla takes place on November 2nd. during the whole day.

Vigil at the cemeteries of San Luis Potosi

Vigils at the cemeteries in the State of San Luis Potosi take place either during the day or at night.

Altars in San Luis Potosí

Images of the altars in different towns of San Luis Potosi. All the altars are decorated with an arch.

Danzas de Xantolo y vigilia en el cementerio de Huautla, Hidalgo

The ritual dances are performed by men who dress as women, few days before the celebration. They also dance at the cemetery during the vigil.

Altars in the State of Hidalgo

In the region of the Huasteca of the State of Hidalgo the arch is beautifully decorated with flowers and fruits.
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Photo Gallery

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